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Polished concrete floors are among the best flooring options available today. Though these types of floors are known for having a long and durable life, you need to maintain care and maintenance to keep them clean and free from cracks and holes. We offer a wide variety of concrete polishing services. Some of the services we provide include the following:

At JK concrete polishing, Los Angeles we offer a wide variety of polished concrete services.

  • Concrete grinding
    Concrete grinding is the process of removing layers of concrete from the surface.
  • Concrete restoration
    The process of repairing old and damaged concrete.
  • Concrete Polishing
    Polished concrete is growing in popularity because of its many benefits
  • Concrete Staining
    Concrete staining would allow you to add bold design accents, subtle tints of color, as well as custom graphics to the concrete.
  • Concrete Sealing
    Sealing concrete will keep your concrete surfaces with a great look for many years or even rejuvenate an already existing surface.
  • Coating Removal
    The removal process of Sealing concrete will keep your concrete surfaces with a great look for many years or even rejuvenate an already existing surface.
  • Epoxy Floor Systems
    We use a hardener and durable resin, creating a strong bond with the substrate. High-Quality in an impervious surface, which is also impact-resistant and waterproof.
  • Terrazzo Restoration
    Our epoxy terrazzo floor polishing techniques and methods will make sure that your floors resume that brand new look.

Grinding Concrete Diamond Grinding Concrete

Concrete floor grinding is usually conducted to clean up as well as prepare the floor for the application of a polymer-based coating. It can also be done to refine the floor, in preparation for polishing.

There are various sizes of diamond grinders available for handling these tasks. From large units operating with three-phase electricity that can grind large spaces in a single day, two small hand-held grinders that are mainly used for detailed work around edges and along obstacles.

Large grinders use synthetic diamonds attached in either resin or metal. They also have large rotating heads that rotate in opposing concrete and anticlockwise motions as they move across the floors. With the use of various diamond grits, an operator can achieve the desired finish.

During surface preparation in readiness for application of high build polymer based coating, the grinding process requires highly aggressive diamonds. This is mainly done to make sure that any old contaminants like sealers, paint, oil as well as other impurities are completely removed from the surface.

The rough surface also makes sure that there is a good bonding with the applied coating. With the application of a thin mil coating, the grinding process tends to be more refined. This process requires the use of less aggressive or higher grit diamonds. The result is a smoother concrete finish. With this grinding, the materials are able to bond to the slab. It also allows the maintenance of a rough texture that shows through the finished floor.

Polished Concrete Finish Levels

There are many advantages of choosing polished concrete floors over other surfaces. For example, it is easy to clean, especially in residential areas since it does not harbor dirt and dust particles. Secondly, it tends to have a longer life cycle and can withstand rough wear with minimal damage.

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Polished concrete floors

In commercial areas, polishing concrete makes it more resistant to extensive foot traffic. It is enduring and highly durable. Polishing concrete floors is, therefore, a sustainable way to keep them shiny, clean and beautiful. Polishing concrete floors is an application that goes through various processes. They include:

– Cleaning the floor to remove any excess or existing materials such as coatings and glues, this prepares it for grinding to produce a smooth surface.

Concrete Overlay
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– The second step involves the use of higher-grit diamonds to hone the concrete completely. This process levels and flattens the surface while preparing it for the final polishing procedures.

– The next step is the application of liquid chemical densifiers to make the surface rock-solid and hard. This is essential in preventing liquid penetration, as well as staining.

– Finally, a diamond-studded resin tool is then used to finalize the polished concrete look. This involves the use of finer diamond grits, to give the concrete an elegant and sophisticated shine. Polished concrete is perfect both for commercial and residential spaces.

How to Seal Concrete Floors

Polished and decorative floors are gaining popularity all over the world. They are easy to maintain, durable and attractive. However, proper installation and professional sealing is part of their simple maintenance.

Polished concrete floors West Hollywood

There are various ways to undertake concrete floor sealing. You can do it yourself or enlist the services of a real specialist, to do it on your behalf and eliminate all the guesswork. A concrete sealer is more of a protective layer, which improves the appearance of the concrete floor.

It is similar to waxing an automobile or applying stain guard to your prized sofa. Sealing concrete floors is, therefore, a step in the right direction, regarding protecting your investment. The main reason for sealing concrete floors is protecting them from stains. If you live in areas where polished concrete is prone to drinks or foods, sealing is a necessity.

Pets may also damage concrete floors, which can be prevented with the application of a sealer. It is advisable to seal new concrete floors, immediately after installation is complete. On the other hand, existing floors should be sealed after every 1 or 2 years, depending on the wear and tear. Sealing concrete also locks down the colors.

Grinding, Polishing, & Sealing Concrete Floors

Grinding concrete floors, polishing concrete floors and sealing concrete floors, all play a vital role, towards care and maintenance of your floors. With the application of the three procedures, your concrete floors become more beautiful and highly durable.

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