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Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors have grown to become the flooring material of choice, for both residential and commercial properties. One of the reasons behind this is the huge advancements in concrete polishing equipment and techniques.

Over the last few years, contractors have worked on a significantly higher number of floors, than it used to be the case before. Any concrete can by styled, whether it’s new or old. Apart from that, you can achieve high-gloss finishes, without the need for regular re-coating or waxing.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

When you consider the superior durability and performance of polished concrete, it is easy to understand why many warehouse, offices, retail facilities and other properties, are choosing polished floors.

As previously, noted, polished concrete floors are easy to maintain. In addition, they are a reliable, affordable, and great alternative to the common flooring materials like tiles, linoleum, granite, coated concrete, and marble.

Polished concrete floors have gained huge popularity among many homeowners since they are aesthetically appealing, smooth and shiny. It is also good to note that concrete polished floors can be stained, thus replicating the appearance of polished stone. In terms of affordability, costs, and ease of maintenance, it is hard to find better flooring than polished concrete.

In terms of affordability, costs, and ease of maintenance, it is hard to find better flooring than polished concrete.

In terms of overall costs required to keep the floor smooth and clean, polished concrete floors are the best choice currently on the market. As long as you work with an experienced and skillful contractor, then you will never regret.

Polished concrete gives you the ability to convert your dull, gray concrete floor, into something gorgeous, artful, and aesthetically appealing.

Concrete Densifier Concrete Hardener

When you consider these benefits, plus the issue of durability mentioned earlier and the fact that these floors require little maintenance, they are a good choice for most applications.

Polished concrete floors have a high reflectivity, which leads to energy savings thus fewer utility costs. Another great advantage of concrete polishing is that they become harder as time goes.

After polishing the concrete, a concrete densifier sealer is applied. After this application, the floor becomes denser and becomes more resistant to spills and stains.

This reduces maintenance costs further. Another advantage of this is that you don’t have to apply any other kind of sealer or coating, which is often the case with many types of floors.

Polished floors don’t require a replacement once they have been installed. They are designed to provide you with lifetime service.

Concrete Polishing Concrete Floor Refinishing

For the longest time, materials like ceramic, hardwood, vinyl and carpet, have been the most common flooring choice, in residential houses. However, over the past few years, polished concrete has gained a larger audience and popularity in homes.

Many homeowners initially shied away from polished concrete floors, since they considered them expensive.

However, with an increased number of contractors who can do concrete grinding, combined with advancements in polishing techniques and equipment, they are much more affordable than ever before.


Polished concrete floors Los Angeles

Apart from that, they provide homeowners with the unique opportunity of having a beautiful and easy to maintain floor, which is a rare combination. In fact, it is safe to say that polished concrete provides the best flooring material for any home, office or building.

Furthermore, polished concrete floors are currently available in a wide range of options, while providing you with a distinct beauty and style, to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

Grinding Concrete

Concrete grinding and staining are two of the most common options when it comes to polished floors. Grinding concrete produces a wonderful finish. This method is mainly used to add various designs and patterns to an existing concrete floor.

A concrete polishing contractor will use this method to create stylish lines to pool decks and patios, among other surfaces. Moreover, grinding concrete can easily be done in your home, to give your polished floors some interesting and new designs.

Also known as cement grinding, concrete grinding can also be used to transform your existing polished floors, to resemble a tiled surface. One of the key differences between regular polished floors and grinded floors is that grinded floors tend to be shinier, smoother, and slip resistant. In addition, grinded floors require significantly less maintenance as compared to regular polished floors.

Concrete Staining

Concrete staining is a great way of enhancing the beauty of a polished concrete floor. It adds color as well as patterns and designs, giving an existing concrete surface a new perspective and an appealing look.

During concrete staining, an acid stained is scrubbed into an existing polished concrete floor and then allowed to dry out. After this procedure, your polished concrete surface is transformed into a smooth and beautiful surface.
There is a wide range of colors to choose from. This means that you can easily find the décor and style that matches almost any surface room.

Staining Polished Concrete

Staining polished concrete can complex or simple. It all depends on the kind of application that you choose or prefer. Whichever choice you make, make sure that you hire a professional polished concrete specialist, to handle all aspects of the project.

One of the main benefits of polished concrete staining is that stains react naturally with the different variants in the floor’s finish. This translates to a unique and remarkably beautiful floor.

In fact, it is hard to achieve this effect with other flooring materials, which are more expensive than polished concrete. In terms of versatility, polished concrete is heads and shoulders above the rest.

Bottom Line 

If you are looking for durability, cost-effective, aesthetically appealing, and easy to maintain flooring material, then you should consider polished concrete. It has gained popularity in many parts of the world due to its versatility and ease of application.

Furthermore, polished concrete enables you to resemble a flooring material of choice such as marble, without the associated costs that come with installing the actual product or materials.

Give your business or business or home a facelift today, using polished concrete and enjoy a lifetime service. We provide a wide range of concrete services, including concrete grinding and staining. We specialize in domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

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Concrete Floor Maintenance Los Angeles Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete Floor Maintenance Tips

Every type of flooring material requires some level of maintenance. The same applies for concrete floors. As much as concrete floors are easy to take care of and maintain when compared to other floor types, they still require some level of maintenance. The amount of maintenance needed for your concrete floor mostly depends on the degree of traffic it receives. In short, the maintenance requirements of a high-traffic retail or commercial environment will be much different from those of a residential floor. Here are concrete floor maintenance tips.

Best Way to Clean Stained Concrete Floors

In many cases, residential floors don’t receive as much traffic as retail or commercial floors. Therefore, occasional sweeping together with damp mopping will keep them clean for many years. A regular cleaning schedule will involve:

– Cleaning under the mats and change them occasionally, at the point of entry. This prevents the floors from damage by hidden silt particles.

– Cleaning spills immediately after they occur to prevent etching or staining

Auto scrubbing or dry mopping the floor daily

– General cleaning, as well as spot maintenance with hot water, especially on areas that, receive high traffic

If you adhere to the above standards, you can manage to keep your concrete floors as good as new. However, if they are polished, then they might require more than just normal cleaning.

Concrete floor maintenance
Buffing maintenance Hollywood JK Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete requires good chemistry as well as application-specific tools and equipment to maintain the quality and durability of the shine. If you neglect their basic maintenance, then their quality will gradually degrade. They may even degrade to a point where they might need expensive restoration.

Burnished Concrete Los Angeles

Diamond impregnated pads are mainly used for mechanical maintenance of the floor’s polish. These diamond pads are made using natural and synthetic hair fibers, then sprayed with epoxy binders, secondary abrasives and most importantly diamond powder. The pads are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. This allows them to fit all models of auto scrubbers, burnishers, and floor buffers. You can use these pads when wet or dry, although this depends on the manufacturer. They are readily available online or directly from the manufacturer.

Chemical Maintenance Concrete Guard

Apart from mechanical maintenance, concrete floors also require good chemistry. This prolongs their durability since it hardens the polished surface. Various companies specialize in distributing polished concrete maintenance products. They also manufacture cleaners and conditions, which contain minerals. After the introduction of these minerals on the surface, they work to harden the concrete’s surface. The conditioners contain mineral compounds such as calcium, potassium, and silicates, which work together with other elements in the concrete to provide an added layer of protection against abrasion. You can use the conditioners weekly, monthly or even quarterly used, based on the manufacturer.

Concrete Floor Repair

If your concrete floors are experiencing scratches, gouges or minor cracks, you can repair these flaws instantly, with the help of the right patching material. If the cracking tends to be more widespread or even severe, your concrete floor might require some resurfacing using an overlay. In some situations, it is possible to enhance or highlight existing floor cracks, by making them part of the floor design using sawcutting, staining, and other similar techniques. Experts and professionals must do such procedures.

Fixing Discoloration

With proper application, concrete floor dyes and stains penetrate into the surface of the floor deeply while providing color that does not fade, peel or flake. However, stains tend to react chemically with concrete leading to temperamental and color variations. Spills and stains can be easily absorbed into the concrete if the floor is not sealed. Discoloration brought by spills and stains can be fixed through various means. This includes an application of a tinted sealer or completely changing the color of the surface, using a concrete dye or stain.

Bottom Line

Good housekeeping is important when it comes to maintaining concrete floors. However, this is just part of the work. If you want your floor to withstand the test of time, maintain it shine, luster, and minimize expensive resurfacing procedures, it is advisable to work with JK concrete polishing. Apart from basic cleaning procedures, contractors have the right tools and equipment to work on a floor, regardless of the damage. If your floor is discolored, dirty, wearing out or, it is advisable to seek the services of professional concrete floor maintenance specialists.