Concrete Polishing Benefits of Polished Concrete

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Polished concrete primary use was industrial warehouse flooring. Due to its high durability, low cost, abrasion resistance, and long life. Dry concrete polishing has become more popular in retail stores, restaurants, and residential homes.
It has now become one of the most popular flooring options when it comes to residential and commercial settings.
Polished concrete is growing in popularity because of its many benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider polished concrete instead of other flooring options.

Lower lifetime Cost

Apart from easy cleaning, that only requires mopping and sweeping, these floors can resist tire and scuff marks.
Concrete polishing also eliminates the need for messy coatings or waxes as well as the time, labor and expenses associated with them.
The dense surface of this floor also prevents entry of stains from liquids or oils. On the other hand, polished concrete tends to have a longer life span than other flooring materials such as upgraded stone tiles. In fact, polished concrete just needs a refinishing once every ten or five years.

No Downtime With Concrete Polishing

The downtime needed during the polishing process is not much. Traffic or service on the surface can resume immediately since no chemicals are used in the polishing or installation of these floors.
This comes in handy, especially when used in areas such as hypermarkets, production plants, or hospitals where safety is of paramount importance.
In many cases, the polished concrete floors can be installed even when the premises are still in use. People can still access the floors during the installation, without interruption to their daily activity or routine due to the lack of toxic materials and the cleanliness of the entire process.

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Concrete Aesthetics

Most people normally compare concrete polishing appearance and cost to other materials. Polished concrete is long lasting cost effective option for commercial or residential flooring.

In simple terms, polished concrete can be described as shiny, striking, and beautiful. By exposing and smoothing the concrete aggregates, polishing will produce a design with a natural stone appeal while appearing elegant and expensive.

Flaws and imperfections may appear during grinding and polishing process. Since polishing produces rustic looking surfaces, some imperfections might show, such as cracks or uneven concrete layering in some places.

This is a feature known as organic, which exposes the natural qualities of concrete.

Polished concrete flooring gives a pleasant visual appearance to the interior property.The high-gloss, smooth finish, will give the floor sophistication and finesse.
The glossy flooring, since it resembles a polished stone produces a very appealing light reflection. That is why it is one of the top flooring choices in theaters, museums, high-class residences, and hotels.

Ambient Lighting Increase

Polishing concrete produces a high light reflectivity, which is another important benefit. This feature is very useful in hotels, restaurants, public facilities, or office buildings that intend to project a professional, clean, and bright image.

Polished concrete is a natural shine, similar Like polished granite or marble. Applying a wax or coating will not have the same effect.. This implies fewer overhead lights and a greater visibility need in buildings that have polished concrete floors. When the work complete, you will be saving money in energy needed for lighting. The rooms will be shining by more than 30% than other flooring options.

Increased Strength

Concrete floors can break in a host of different ways when they age, surface stress, improper curing, delamination, curled cold joints, rain damage, and joint shoulder failure, among others.

Polished concrete removes the top layers of the concrete surface including patching and coatings. The concrete will increase its strength with densifier, and polish to high grits. Polished concrete floors are also non-combustible.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Polishing concrete does not require the use of hazardous chemicals, during installation and maintenance. On the other hand, polished concrete does not permit, mildew, allergens or mold to build up on the surface.
Polishing concrete also makes the surface energy efficient. The accumulation of heat from the rays of light or sun can reduce net energy consumption greatly thus lowering energy bills. On top of that, polished concrete is known to improve the quality of indoor air.

Bottom Line

The benefits of using polished concrete as your preferred flooring option are many. This includes the time effectiveness and efficiency of the whole process, the cost-effectiveness, and the whole functionality offered by polished concrete.

By blending value with beauty and durability, polished concrete is becoming the preferred paving and flooring option for concrete renovation and new construction in commercial, residential, and industrial settings.


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