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Epoxy flooring is used as a coating in various environments, to provide a stain-resistant and durable finish. When applied, it increases the value of your property in a way that you never imagined. The truth is, epoxy flooring is not like the painting that you can do on your own or with a friend. Instead, epoxy floor coatings have to be formulated professionally, ground is sturdy, non-slip, good looking, and durable, for many years to come. That is why you need experienced and trained experts, who can handle the job.

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We are a local epoxy floor coatings contractor in Los Angeles. We have operated in the area for many years, managing to build trust and loyalty in the many customers that we have served. Many residents in the area prefer our services, due to various reasons. We use a hardener and durable resin, creating a strong bond with the substrate. High-Quality in an impervious surface, which is also impact-resistant and waterproof.

Proper subfloor preparation plays are an immense role when it comes to the durability of the epoxy coating. As one of the best concrete epoxy contractors in Los Angeles, we are flexible and versatile, to handle jobs of various sizes and demands. We provide epoxy flooring installations in industrial and manufacturing, retail, residential, garage flooring and commercial settings.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Due to foot traffic, heavy machinery, stain and spill potential, industrial flooring options are limited to epoxy and concrete. Concrete is hard but bland-looking and slippery. It is porous, absorbs moisture, and stains easily. Epoxy is a complete opposite of all those undesired features of concrete. It is glossy, attractive, softer, slip-resistant, and resistant to stains. It is also easy to clean. Due to its self-leveling, the surface created is smooth. This is an important feature especially in industrial environments, where machinery must remain level.

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

The durability of epoxy makes it an asset. When combined with the versatility of various patterns and colors, it becomes the perfect flooring option for commercial and retail settings. Hotels, offices, and shopping centers have foot traffic that needs wear-resistant flooring. That is where epoxy flooring comes in. We can create the optimal epoxy flooring solution for most commercial and retail environments.

Residential Epoxy Flooring Best Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy can also be used as a residential flooring option. It can easily replace hardwood floors, vinyl, and carpet, without a significant loss regarding ROI. There are various color options to choose from, which can blend with the current home décor. It is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, pool decks and exterior patios.

We specialize in the installation and application of epoxy flooring, in different settings and environments, as demanded by our customers. Whether you are looking for industrial flooring solutions, residential, commercial, and retail, we have the skills and expertise to provide you with the best epoxy flooring solutions. Reach out to use for a free quotation.

Epoxy coatings are composed of two distinct parts mixed before application. The two parts contain an epoxy resin, combined with a hardener or co-reactant. The formulation of epoxy coatings is done depending on the final product. With proper development and application, epoxy coatings produce a hard finish that is also resistant to solvents and chemicals. These coatings are commonly used on steel and concrete to make the surface resistant to water, acids, and alkalis. The combination of the epoxy components utilized in the formulation determines the suitability of the coating to a certain environment.

One Part Concrete Paint versus Epoxy Coatings

Some people tend to assume that epoxy floor coatings and epoxy paint refer to the same thing. However, that is not true. Concrete paint is usually a latex acrylic product. The majority of the renowned paint manufacturers provide paint mixed with a small amount of epoxy. When that is done, it is known as one-part concrete paint or one-part epoxy paint. Allowing the paint better durability and adhesion, than normal acrylic paints. However, the paint is not an epoxy product or an epoxy coating.

How to Prevent Hot Tire Pick-up

Also known as hot tire lift, hot tire pick-up refers to a situation where the floor coating peels up, in areas the vehicle tires rest. Tires are manufactured using oily and waxy compounds. If your cement floor is uncoated, and you usually park your car in the same spot, there can be residual build up after a period of time, which may lead to the peeling or lifting. Hot tire pick-up is contributed by various factors, which include inadequate floor preparation as well as using poor quality epoxy.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

To prevent the situation, it is advisable to use high-quality products as well as adequate cleaning and preparation of the floor. Remove any signs of stain, dirt, wax or oil. Additionally, have your concrete ground. Grinding gives concrete floors an excellent preparation, in readiness for epoxy floor coatings. You also need to undertake a water test, which will help you to establish whether your floor is profiled properly. If a concrete floor is correctly profiled, it should absorb a few drops of water within a short period.

Chemical Composition of Metallic Coatings

Metallic coatings a corrosion-resistant and durable layer, wherever they are applied. When combined, paint and metal provide a surface with a reliable protective treatment, which is more durable, when compared to the individual elements. Some of the commonly used metallic coatings include chromium, nickel, cadmium, zinc, and aluminum. This link shows how to install metallic floors


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