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Stained Concrete Floors Concrete Dye

Stained concrete is one of the most widely used methods when it comes to enhancing concrete floors; staining concrete is common both in residential and commercial floors. Versatility is an interesting feature of concrete stains; due to this feature, these dyes allow us to give our spaces the desired look without busting our budget.

Concrete staining would allow you to add bold design accents, subtle tints of color, as well as custom graphics to the concrete. The best thing about this service is that it can work on existing and new concrete flooring. What’re more, stains work great even on concrete overlays?

Due to their ability to penetrate deep into the surface, concrete stains always produce permanent, fade-resistance colors. You cannot expect such results from coatings or paints, which would start flaking off or peeling away after a certain period.

Stained concrete

Concrete stains are used using both water and acid-based stains. You’ll have to choose any one of those two options depending on the kind of look you want the concrete surface to have.

Acid Stained Concrete Floors Los Angeles

Acid stains penetrate deeper into the concrete and cause chemical reactions; these chemical reactions result in the formation of beautiful color variations. Adding exclusive mottling effects (similar to the ones found in granite or marble) to the treated floors. You should opt for acid-based stains if you are a fan of understated earth tones. That’s because staining concrete using acid stains will offer colors like browns, soft greens, and blues, terra cottas, tans, etc.

Water-based stains are the best options for you if you want to go beyond the subdued colors and subtle drama. The water-based concrete stains come in a range of hues. Also, you can also get thousands of unique color options. By mixing different stains like water-based paint

Concrete Staining Benefits of Stained Concrete

The best thing about staining concrete is that the procedure would allow you to get an infinite number of decorative effects. You are the best person to decide whether you should keep things simple by opting for just a single shade of stain or you should make space look more vibrant by adding multiple shades of stains on the concrete floor.

Mixing different shades of gray and brown enjoy the greatest popularity. When it comes to shades of stains applied on concrete floors. However, as a property owner, you should never shy away from trying bolder shades like black or blue for adding more drama to your space.

Some innovative design options for staining concrete

staining and stripping
Stripping paint applying concrete stain JK concrete polishing


You can try layering various shades of stains with dyes for creating exclusive color variations. Use several shades of stains for mimicking the appearance of natural rocks like marble. You can also use stains in combination with templates, painter’s tape, stencils, for creating custom graphics. Pick Water-based concrete stains of bold colors for producing attractive visual treatments. Pick just a single shade of a color for creating an elegant and straightforward look. The reaction between the stain and the concrete would produce an appealing shade even if you use just a single stain color.


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